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Tony Loiacono, Founder Heads and Tails, Inc.

Tony Loiacono


Recognized in 1992 by Advertising Age as one of the “Top 100 Marketing Executives”, Tony has built a career as a leader in marketing, brand strategy  and A-List #Influencer program as well as business development within multiple verticals of an ever changing consumer landscape. 

Tony is well known as a brand reformist and his long-term affinity relationships connecting  like minded brand visions for B2B and B2C programs. His mantra: Monetize. Brand. Content. Unrealized Revenue.

Loiacono is credited with taking Upper Deck from $14 million to $302 million in 2 years - EBITDA 26%.Loiacono's relationships extend to every League including Commissioners, Top Agents, Movie/TV Studios as well as signing multi-year deals with the likes of Michael Jordan, SHAQ, Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky and Goldberg. Plus, new found revenue for Jeff Gordon, Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton while  implementing programs for  Fortune 500 Companies world-wide. (see clients on home page)

Tony lives in Bonsall, California, has a keen legal mind, a beautiful wife of 39 years, Lori, four children and six grandchildren. He enjoys an active lifestyle of boating, outdoor activities and raising funds  for charity. 



CLICK CELEBRITIES BELOW: Loiacono has worked directly with each individual pictured below (NOT ONCE BUT MULTIPLE TIMES).   Loiacono has been mentor and adviser to some of the biggest A-List Celebrities, raised millions for charity and launched hundreds of Fortune 500 products and services with their support.   #Influencers.  CLICK ON ANY A-LIST PICTURE BELOW FOR A MEMORY OF TONY'S.

generate Unrealized revenue for fortune 500 clients


Grab interest

Generate excitement

Generate excitement

 Loiacono experience goes beyond A-List Celebrities, the Super Bowl, the Breeders Cup, His event experience with major global events include planning, traditional television, new media content production and overall influencer marketing for the NHL , NASCAR,  three Olympics, the NBA, MLB including Executive Producer for the Field of Dreams Movie Site, 


Generate excitement

Generate excitement

Generate excitement

 At his core, Tony is recognized for creating hard-hitting marketing programs that marry fresh and creative ideas to unique marketing visions that meet clear objectives for clients.


Close the deal

Generate excitement

Close the deal

Loiacono taps every channels of distribution communication, technology, production and design within every medium, from the printed page, to television, big screen to mobile devices.    

Loiacono, a mentor to Matthew Ray Shultz

Cage the Elephant won the Best Rock Album award at the 59th annual Grammys and Matt Shultz was launching a new line of shoes. 

LOiacono, a partner of hall of famer Ted williams

Loiacono was named CEO, President of the Ted Williams Card Company one month after building Upper Deck to the #3 Sports Brand in 1993. 

Executive Director of the NHL Celebrity All Star Hockey TEam

Credited with raising over $6 Million in Charities


 In honor of #DerekJeter and his election into the Baseball Hall of Fame (earning baseball's highest honor). In 1994, our Ted Williams Card Company team selected Jeter (Greensboro Hornets) as an up-and-coming superstar. The graded card featured in the video can be found going as much as $125.00. I must have a couple hundred if some one is interested :).  

Lover of Horses and FAther of Champions

Horses and Heights 

Licensing Expert Executing over 1000 Agreements with A-List

Pro Se Attorney

Loiacono'a understanding of procedural practices by litigation by substantially winning in a 5-year battle in a 10-day jury trial in US Federal Court before the Honorable Todd J. Campbell. And, the appeal in the 6h Circuit US Court of Appeals - a $19 Million civil lawsuit as a ProSe Attorney against Tea Party Activists