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Verizon Innovation Center

Heads and Tails, Inc. was responsible for translating complex code issues into simplified marketing applications for dozens of Verizon Partners. Hundreds of complex new pieces of technology became easily understandable content  at the Verizon Innovation Centers. Plus, dozens of trademarked product offerings were created by HAT. A central focus was use cases and communication that  focused on simplifying engineering description into common understandable language. 

Heads & Tails TV Creative Examples

Turn-key Content at On-Site Studio

Field of Dreams Movie Site experience COMING 2020

Field of Dreams Movie Site. Loiacono Executive Produced the Movie Site Experience and returns to do it again for 2020 leading up to the Major League Baseball Official Game August 13, 2020. 

Producers of animal planet's Faithful Friends - Numerous Sta

This segment features, Wanda Goldberg and Electra Mustaine co-host of Animal Planet's Faithful Friends and she is the co-host of the Itty Bitty Buddies segment on Animal Planet’s “Faithful Friends” series, but her dad, Dave Mustaine, is a guitarist and lead singer of the legendary heavy metal group Megadeth.

Additional talent for the show included Jeff Gordon, Goldberg and many more. 

The show helped Drs. Foster & Smith to raise awareness and product sales. They sold to Petco. 

Moozinga technology

Today’s super fan wants to be listened to not talked at. At MooZinga, we listen to fan on the street, the artist in his home, the musician anywhere and the athlete regularly. We share quality goods at a fair price.

TRademark Invisible Ink Technology

Invisible Ink Technology and 3D Animation. Developed by Heads and Tails, Inc. in 1993 for the Ted Williams Card Company. 

The Trademarked Technology has been used on over 5 million collectibles since 1993.

Connected Athlete with Cisco - Verizon - Vodafone

 Real-time sports simulation and exercise science can now provide unmatched Athlete-Analysis during game and practice situations.  Human Body Telematics. 

Heads and Tails, Inc. initiated the Connected Athlete program for CISCO. This included work with both Vodafone Internationally and Verizon Domestically. This included the development of the Connected Shoe with the Verizon Innovation Center and NBA All-Star Jermaine O'Neal and NBA Trainers. 

FISLL - ALLAN Houston NBA All-Star TEasers

Teaser highlighting FISLL. Faith. Integrity. Sacrifice. Leadership. Legacy. 

Heads and Tails implmented dozens of eye-catching, eye-keeping content pieces Training Programs and Foundation Campaigns 

Equifax iPushjobs incentive program

A point-based incentive program developed by Heads & Tails, Inc. together with Equifax. The software was developed by HAT and utilized in a Corporate Office and Employee Pilot Program.

CISCO 3D World

Check out this great video

1st REmote Production Developed with Rick White, MLB Pres.

Mobile technology and 1080i TV production is the new generation of technologies (hardware/software) when coupled with 4G/5G fixed wireless can revolutionize "angles", virtual reality (VR), drone engagement and social chat to engage a younger audience.

NASCAR INteractive Kiosks

Tested and approved for a site license at all NASCAR SMI Events.  Kiosks were approved and license granted through Speedway Motorsports, Inc.

Verizon, Vodafone & Cisco Innovation Centers 2011

Cisco technology developed in 2011 is just becoming ubiquitous in 2020. 

Our team worked as a translator for CMO's who needed ease to understand use cases for CTO/CIO's who often will not or can not explain how to generate unrealized revenue for sales. 

Faithful Friends Season 2 on Animal Plant

A multi-million dollar television show featuring Goldberg, Jeff Gordon, Electra Mustaine and dozens of Animal Experts. 

The Walk - Michelle Clark Magnet High School (inter-City Chi

The Walk at Michelle Clark Magnet High-School with Allan Houston. The program supported at-risk underserved youth. 

Heads and Tails provided legal guidance, advertising plans and sponsorship solicitation. 

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Heads and Tails, Inc. is an Advertising, Brand and Technology conduit, bridging the gap between C-Level executives and Fortune 500 companies including Equifax, Vodafone, Verizon, Cisco, Animal Planet, McDonalds, Warner Bros., NBC, Ford, MiLB, MLB, NHL, NFL & the NBA. 

40 Years of Brand Strategy and Implementation for Fortune 500 Companies


Skilled brand strategist, implementing turn-key programs for clientele. 

Celebrities and Influencers


• 1992 “Top 100 Marketing Executives” by Advertising Age 

• Co-Founder and Executive Director of the NHL Celebrity All-Star Hockey Team (+6M for Charities) 

• Co-Founder of the Ted Williams Card Company, partnering with Ted Williams 

• Senior Advisor to NBA All-Star Allan Houston (FISLL) 

• Awarded a Key to the City of Dyersville, Iowa as the Executive Producer of the Field of Dreams 


• Mentor to Matt Shultz, lead singer of Grammy Award winning band “Cage The Elephant”


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